Thursday, 15 November 2012


When we talk about the traditional weddings and traditional brides, the most traditional jewellery that’s being used is? Well none other than the kundan jewellery. Women nowadays are crazy for kundan work in their jewellery. For it gives such warm rusty look n whole that bride looks more gorgeous and beautiful. The bridal jewellery designers in Pakistan have advanced a lot in coming up some exclusive brilliant designs. Which are not only made for the wedding day but they can also be worn on the other traditional days. As Eid is here, and you aim to give yourself a stunning traditional look, when meeting cousins or friends, then kundan jewellery is the best choice. It’s neither too glimmery nor dull, but gives a good antique rusty look.
Kundan jewelley has advanced a lot, now you can customize is according to the design and add up any add-ons to it. Like stones, gems, pearls all could be inserted in the design. For the jewellery holic women, kundan jewellery is the best thing to fun around with your wild imaginations. The combination looks real cool when your rusty necklace has green or bold red pure stones in it or silverfish white pearls to enhance the overall beauty. It entirely depends upon how you customize and order. Nowadays bridals order their jewelley according to the dress they have and later they change designs once the wedding is over. This is a good idea too, to upgrade the designs rather buying it all over again and again.
Kundan experts are everywhere in Pakistan, but you need to select them with great care. Who takes the order rightly and is honest in the dealing. Do ask the where bouts when you are about to order the jewellery, for the wedding jewellery is very special and a certain amount of the mistake can ruin it completely

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