Thursday, 20 December 2012

22k Gold Jewellery

22k gold jewellery can be considered an investment in gold as it contains 91.6% pure gold. 22k gold jewellery is more expensive than the usual 14k and 10k and not so hard wearing. However, it is much more beautiful and has a deeper gold hue close to pure gold.

Whereas 24 k is 999.9 percent pure gold, 22k is 916.6 fine and contains a small amount of silver or copper to assist in the hardness.

22k gold jewellery requires, therefore, a little more care if you are to keep it in the same condition in which you bought it. You could, for the purposes of care, regard 22k gold jewellery as 24 k gold jewellery. It will need the same amount of care and attention.

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