Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jewellery set

3. Green and Frederick, the New Jewellery Catalogue with a difference! Fine gold jewellery set with cubic zirconia, the only true imitator to diamonds and other gemstones.
4. Joe Richardson’s ‘Spirals and water’ are the new impressive designs which are part of an expanding collection of Jewellery. Though his Unique and fascinating approach to goldsmithing he is able to take simple forms and evolve’s (translates) them in to enduring unforgettable classical pieces of jewellery.
5. Diana Porter’s chunky androgynous jewellery in silver and gold draws on traditional themes such as ‘eternity’ and ‘identity’ which she then re-works into contemporary forms. Inspired by personal and political beliefs, the pieces have an intrinsic integrity in both design and finish, often featuring diamonds, precious stones and etchings.

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